About your paw balm

If you're here you probably have one of our balms in your hands.

So firstly thank you for your order! We hope you and your pup love the product! Do let us know what you think @nervouspuppyuk on social media. 

Now onto what you're here for, information about your new balm. Please click on the links below to see all details: 

Bye Bye Anxiety natural dog paw balm

Top tip - lots of pups have seen a big difference in their nerves after apply this balm to their ears. It helps give them a regular smell of the essential oils. 

Bye Bye Rough Paws natural dog paw balm

Bye bye Itchy Paws natural dog paw balm

Bye Bye Sore Paws natural dog paw balm

Bye Bye Bites natural bug and tick bite balm

Bye Bye Harmful Sun Rays natural sunscreen balm