About us

How nervous puppy was born.

We're Cat and Nikki, the daughter and mum duo behind nervous puppy. Both huge dog lovers with four dogs between us.

After searching for solutions for our dogs rough paws we decided to create our own paw balm after not finding exactly what we were looking for. We had such amazing immediate results and began testing other paw balms to help with other issues our dogs experienced. We settled on four different balms, each with different ingredients to help different issues. Being so happy with the results we tested selling small batches to other dog lovers. 

Months later, we now have over one thousand sales and 5* reviews and are so happy to see our range of paw balms helping so many other dogs. It's amazing to see our #PerfectPawsPack growing day by day. 

Our paw balm range is one of the most extensive in the UK with balms designed to help tackle specific issues dogs experience. It's also an Etsy bestseller. 

Alongside our paw balms we let our creative side run free with a range of treats for people too. Our greeting cards, sweatshirts and tote bags are all designed and created by hand by us. We create things that remind us of our dogs and that we know we’d love to receive. We’re just lucky that others also find joy in them.

Why the name nervous puppy? It's named after my very own nervous pup Patch. A rescue dog who loves runs, cuddles and biscuits, but is nervous of anything he isn't familiar with. 

From two huge dog lovers to another 🖤